If you have a new car, the chances are that your exhaust pipe will last as long as the rest of your vehicle. Made from stainless steel or chrome, they are high quality and robust. As long as you drive carefully and give your car proper maintenance, you’re unlikely to have any problems. But that’s not always the case for older models. Made from less durable materials, the exhausts of some vehicles can need replacing every four or five years. So, it’s important to know the warning signs when your car exhaust is going wrong.

Car Exhaust Pipes: What Do You Need to Know?

Why is it so important to make sure your exhaust is in a good condition?

The performance of your car’s exhaust impacts the overall performance of your vehicle. Created to safely divert fumes from your engine, a defective exhaust system can lead to engine deterioration, reduced fuel efficiency, and increased noise. Not to mention, in the worst-case scenario, a build-up of carbon monoxide within the vehicle, which can be deadly.

How do you know when your car exhaust pipe needs replacing?

There are three main indicators that your exhaust pipe may need replacing.

Engine noise

If your car is making more noise than usual, it can be an indication that your exhaust is failing. If it is making a roaring sound, your silencer could be damaged. Rattling can indicate that your exhaust – or catalytic converter – is coming loose. A blockage in your exhaust is usually characterised by a chugging sound. While a hissing sound could mean that your exhaust pipe or manifold has a crack. These are all issues that that need attention, and could mean that your exhaust needs replacing.

Increased fuel consumption

There are all sorts of reasons why your car may be getting through more fuel than usual. From faulty spark plugs and fuel injectors, to increased use of air conditioning. But it can also be a symptom of an exhaust leak. If your exhaust system is leaking, then it can lead to an increase in engine temperature, which means that you’ll use more fuel.


Experiencing vibrations when you’re driving isn’t unusual. And, again, there are many potential causes. It can be due to issues with your wheel alignment, tyres, suspension, or transmission. But It can also be caused by your exhaust coming loose. In any case, if you’re at all concerned, it’s a good idea to book an appointment with a mechanic.


Because your exhaust system is close to the ground and largely exposed, it can often be subject to rust. And with rust comes corrosion and holes. Once holes begin to form in your exhaust system, you’ll start to experience the other issues mentioned above. So, when you start seeing rust, you know that it’s a good idea to look for a replacement exhaust.

Your exhaust system is integral to the proper function of your car. And you need to service and maintain it as any other part of your vehicle. And if you think that it is developing a problem, it is essential that you get it checked out and repaired as soon as possible.

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