Your van is your workhorse, the dependable steed that takes you and all your tools from one job to the next. As such it is vital that your van is durable, economical, and practical. Consistently having these boxes ticked can be quite the challenge when both buying and maintaining your van.

To help we’ve put together this guide that will help you to avoid pitfalls when buying and replacing van parts. Read on to discover everything to consider when buying van spare parts for your vehicle and keeping your all-important Personal Assistant in good health.

Quality and cost

Buying parts for vans is not something to brush aside, due to the vehicles often playing an integral part in the operations of the businesses they function to serve. With that in mind, it is imperative to select online sellers that hold a good reputation looking out for well-established companies that have a vast array of positive reviews online. Never champion cost savings over quality as many reputable vehicle parts stores will run offers, promotions and discounts meaning you should be able to secure van parts at a competitive price.


By virtue of the digital revolution, buying parts couldn’t be easier, as online stores such as Online Automotive are open for business 24/7. Delivery is also a piece of cake as we deliver parts straight to your doorstep or to the shop repairing your car and in a timely manner, might we add.


Ensuring you’ve done thorough research before parting with your money is key. When beginning your search for van parts apart from looking out for key indicators such as positive reviews and quality signifiers also search for locality by using terms such as ‘van parts uk’ and ‘van parts near me’ this will ensure you’re ordering from the closest suppliers possible, thus helping you to save on cost.

Payment options

How you plan on paying for your parts is another important factor to consider. Van parts can often be quite pricey which is why we introduced fix now pay later on all parts over £280. If you don’t require split payments, ensure your chosen supplier offers multiple payment options, i.e PayPal and credit cards. If you are paying by credit card, however, be sure to not get stung by credit card transaction fees.


While the digital revolution has presented many benefits for online markets is has also given rise to counterfeit part manufacturers and stolen auto parts resellers. To avoid putting money in the pockets of these illegitimate businesses be sure to verify the sellers you intend to buy from. Look out for padlocks next to URLs, read return policies, never pay by bank transfer and double-check domain names, these are just some of the steps you can take to avoid being scammed.

Take your time when shopping online. Once you’ve found a seller you like and they’ve proven to tick all your boxes, keep them bookmarked for future use.

If you’re on the hunt for parts for your van be sure to check the range of products we have available.