Buying car parts from traditional vendors can be expensive. But the chances are, if you own a car, you’re going to need to purchase replacement parts at some point. Whether it’s something relatively simple, like brake pads, or for something less common and more involved. Both options can be expensive, so it can be tempting to purchase used car parts. But is that false economy? Let’s look at the pros and cons of buying new car parts vs used car parts.

Buying New Car Parts vs Second-Hand Car Parts: The Pros and Cons

The pros of buying new car parts

· Quality – Newly made car parts will be completely fault-free. They are unused, and so will last longer.

· Compatibility – When you’re buying new car parts online, you can be sure that you’re buying the right items for your needs. With Online Automotive, you can either enter your registration number to find the exact car parts for your make and model of vehicle. Or you can enter your details manually. Either way, you always get the right parts for your car.

· Warranty – When you’re buying new car parts, they will come with a manufacturer’s warranty of at least one year. So, if it goes wrong, you don’t have to fork out for a new one. Many manufacturers – Citroen, for example – offer a two-year warranty as standard.

· Ease of selection – If you’re ordering online, it’s much simpler to find exactly what you need, without having to choose from a whole host of potentially incompatible options.

· Upgraded products – It’s not unusual for car manufacturers to update parts for improved functionality. When you’re buying new, you’re more likely to benefit from this phenomenon.

The cons of buying new car parts

· Cost – There’s no denying that new car parts will be more expensive than used car parts. However, it is possible to find cheap new car parts online too, it’s just a case of looking in the right place.

· Availability – For older car models, it’s not always possible to find new car parts. Over time, as vehicles lose popularity, parts are discontinued. This impacts upon availability and price.

The pros of buying used car parts

· Cost – Like any other second-hand item, used car parts are often more cost effective then new.  

· Availability – Due to the rate at which cars are replaced and wrecked, there is an almost in exhaustible supply of used car parts in the UK. So, if you’re prepared to shop around, you should be able to find what you need for a reduced price.

· Choice – Again, because there are so many used car parts available, you have a wide range to choose from. So, you can match your car part needs to your budget. You just need the time to look for them.

The cons of buying used car parts

· Quality – When you buy new car parts you can be absolutely certain of their quality. And if they happen to fail, then you have a warranty to back you up. The quality of used car parts is variable. Some sellers are outstanding. Others… not so much. So, you have to be careful what you buy and where you buy it from. The basic rule is usually: you get what you pay for. If it seems too much of a bargain, it probably is.

· Durability and reliability – Used car parts will not last as long as their new counterparts. Simply because they have already been used. It’s common sense and most people accept that fact.  

· Compatibility – When you’re buying used car parts, it can be difficult to ensure that you’re getting exactly what you need for the make and model of your vehicle.

· No support – New car parts come with a warranty. Most used car parts don’t. So, if the item goes wrong, then you’re back to the drawing board with no recourse.

When you’re looking for replacement car parts, it can be really hard to know where to start. And with older models, there is a strong argument for looking into used car parts. Especially with lower value vehicles, where parts may no longer be manufactured, or you may not plan to keep the car for the longer term. But for every other scenario, new car parts have the edge. If you can source them cheaply online, you gain the best of both worlds, with high quality, durable car parts that won’t break the bank.

If you’re looking for quality new car parts, get in touch with Online Automotive. We’d be more than happy to help