As summer’s warmer temperatures roll in, the inside of your car can quickly turn into an oven on wheels. This makes commutes uncomfortable and frustrating. However, with the right strategies, you can ensure that your car remains cool, regardless of potential heat waves.

In this blog, we’ll offer practical tips and tricks designed to beat the heat and keep your car cool this summer. From simple adjustments to your parking routine to using innovative gadgets and accessories, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re gearing up for a road trip or you just want to make your daily commute more comfortable, implementing these strategies will help you maintain a comfortable environment inside your vehicle. It’ll also preserve your car’s interior and protect sensitive electronics from heat damage.

Get ready to say goodbye to sweaty seats and blistering steering wheels. Let’s dive in and find out how you can keep cool when driving in summer!

1. Maximise Air Circulation in Your Car

Keep your car cool in summer, adjusting car temperature.

Making sure that there’s good airflow in your car is extremely important, especially when it’s warm outside during the summer. Firstly, use your car’s ventilation system properly to get air moving both inside and outside.

Crack open your windows slightly to help create cross-ventilation and release the hot air that’s trapped inside. If you’ve got sunshades or tinted windows, they should block out some of the intense sunlight and keep your car slightly cooler. Don’t forget to keep your air filters clean as well so your AC works as efficiently as it can.

If you want to step it up, or your aircon can be unpredictable, consider getting a portable fan or something to help circulate air better in the car’s cabin. These tricks will help you keep your car cool and comfortable while you’re driving.

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2. Protect Your Car’s Interior from the Sun

Keep your car cool in summer, man applying tinted foil to car window.

To best look after your car’s interior, try parking in shaded spots whenever you can, like under trees or in covered lots, to cut down on direct sunlight exposure.

Use sunshades or get your windows tinted to shield your dashboard, seats, and other surfaces from UV damage and heat. This will also help keep your passengers cool when you first get in the car. Additionally, make sure to regularly apply UV protectant products to the leather seats and plastic trim to prevent fading and cracking.

If you’re leaving your car parked for a while, try using fabric seat covers or a car cover for extra protection. These measures will not only keep your car cool in summer but also keep its interiors in great condition for years to come.

3. Choose the Best Spots for Parking

Keep your car cool in summer, multiple cars parked in shaded spot.

Finding the right parking spot can help keep your car cool, even when it’s blazing hot outside. Look for shaded areas like under trees, buildings, or parking structures to keep the sun off your car and prevent it from turning into an oven inside.

It’s also smart to pick spots at the end of rows so you’re not sandwiched between other cars, which allows for better airflow and ventilation around your car. If you can, park facing away from the sun so it’s not beaming right on your car. Moreover, if you’re going to be parked for a while, try to park your car in a spot that’s likely to stay shaded for longer.

If you have the option, underground parking can be cooler too. By picking spots that keep your car shaded and let air circulate, you’ll keep the inside cooler and make your summer drives way more bearable.

4. Add Innovative Accessories for a Cooler Ride

Keep your car cool in summer, luxury car with accessories.

You can take your driving to the next level with innovative gadgets that’ll make your car more comfortable and cool in summer. For example, you could get solar-powered ventilation fans, which keep the air moving even when your car’s parked.

Moreover, don’t forget about reflective sunshades for your windshield and windows as they act like sunglasses for your car, keeping the heat out. If you’d like to keep the back of your car cool during long road trips, look for seat coolers and ventilated cushions.

Furthermore, for those hot days when you need a cold drink, you can consider getting a portable cool box or mini-fridge. These gadgets all contribute to making your summer driving experience more comfortable, no matter how hot it gets outside.

5. Keep Your Cooling System Well-Maintained

Keep your car cool in summer, car interior.

Ensuring that your car’s cooling system is well-maintained is essential for preventing car overheating and maintaining its performance. Firstly, keep an eye on your coolant levels and make sure they’re topped up to prevent your engine from getting too hot.

Check out your hoses, belts, and radiator for any signs of wear or leaks, and repair or replace them right away if needed. You’ll also have to flush out your cooling system every so often, following the recommendations from your car’s manufacturer, to clear out any debris and prevent corrosion. Moreover, keep your radiator clean and clear of any obstructions that might lead to blocks and stop it from doing its job properly.

Don’t forget to get your car checked out by a qualified mechanic every now and then, just to catch any potential problems before they become major issues. However, in case of minor car problems, you could conduct the repairs yourself with the right car parts and tools.

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