Your car’s exhaust system has been designed to perform four main functions. Most importantly, it directs exhaust fumes away from passengers. It improves engine performance and fuel consumption. And it helps to reduce the noise produced by your engine – or to enhance it, depending on your tastes. But how can you tell if your exhaust system has a problem? And when should you seek a repair or replacement?

How to Check if Your Car’s Exhaust System has a Problem

Use your ears!

Like so many other parts of your car, you’re most likely to be made aware of problems with your exhaust system through an unusual noise.

  • Hissing can denote a leaking gasket. Or a crack in either the exhaust manifold or exhaust pipe.
  • If your car seems to be noisier than usual, you probably need to think about replacing your silencer. Prone to corrosion, a car’s silencer is usually the first part of the exhaust system that will develop problems.
  • A rattling sound beneath the car can mean that the exhaust system is either coming loose, or has moved slightly out of place, and is knocking against another component. This can be caused by fractured or corroded exhaust brackets.
  • Chugging noises can indicate that you have a blockage somewhere in your exhaust system. It is sometimes possible for you to fix this yourself. But unless you know what you are doing, it’s usually wise to visit a mechanic.

Use your eyes!

If you think that there might be a problem with your exhaust system, you can also check it out visually. Some issues are easy to detect with the eyes before you book an appointment at your local garage. So, what should you look for?

  • Holes and cracks – Cracks and holes most often form where two parts of the exhaust system meet. But to be sure, check the whole thing thoroughly. From tailpipe, back to the engine.
  • Rust – Because your car’s exhaust system is both exposed and subject to condensation, rust is pretty common. But while external rust often isn’t anything to worry about, if it goes deeper it can cause significant problems. To be sure, gently scrape the rust. If the area feels weak, or you can see signs of a hole forming, you need to take action. And possibly replace the relevant part.   

A healthy exhaust system is integral to a healthy driving experience. If you think that your car’s exhaust is not performing correctly, it’s really important to get it repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

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