Unless you own a fully electric vehicle, your car will have a fuel pump. Its job is to pump your fuel from the tank to the engine at a consistent pressure. Without it, your car simply wouldn’t work. But because fuel pumps are active whenever a vehicle’s ignition is on, they get a lot of use and can wear out over time. So, how can you tell if your fuel pump is having problems, so you can replace it before you’re left in the lurch?

Five Signs that Your Fuel Pump May Need Replacing

A squealing noise from the area of your fuel tank

One of the most common warning signs that you have fuel pump problems is a squealing, whining noise coming from around your fuel tank. A worn fuel pump will probably continue working for a short time, but it will complain about it! Many car parts whine when they are beginning to come to the end of their life. So, if you hear a groaning or squealing noise every time you start up your engine, it’s worth getting it checked out.

Problems starting

If your car takes a while to start, or simply won’t start up at all, there’s a chance it’s because your fuel pump can’t generate enough pressure to pump the fuel. To begin with, it may just take a few attempts to get started. But it won’t be long before you need to consider replacing your fuel pump.

Stalling and sputtering

If you can hear your engine sputtering when you’re driving – particularly at high speeds – or you regularly stall when your engine gets hot, this can be an indication of fuel pump problems. Your car needs a regular flow of fuel to function. Any disruption will cause your vehicle to under-perform.

Surging or loss of power

If your fuel is not delivered consistently, it can cause your engine to behave erratically. This includes a feeling of a loss of power, particularly when the engine has to work harder than usual. And power surging when you have not used the accelerator.

Poor mileage

When the valves within your fuel pump are working inefficiently, they can let more fuel through than necessary. And you may find that you’re using more fuel than you’re used to. If this is happening on a regular basis, it’s a good idea to check the health of your fuel pump. Or see a mechanic if you’re not confident handling the problem yourself.

If you think that your fuel pump is failing, it’s really important that you seek professional help as soon as possible. Anything that impacts the performance of your vehicle can be hazardous to both you and other drivers. And if you do need a new fuel pump, Online Automotive can help you to find exactly the right part for your vehicle.

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