Spread the cost of repairing your car with our fix now pay later service. Whether you’re fixing a broken-down car or working on a restoration project, car parts can get pretty expensive. This is why we introduced pay monthly car parts, to lift the burden of paying a hefty bill in one go. Many Online Automotive customers have already benefited from buy now pay later car parts functioning to make the process of fixing their cars less stressful and more affordable.

Available on all aftersales products here at Online Automotive products our pay later car parts service will help you better manage the cost associated with keeping your car in good health.

How does it work?

Step 1 – Ask to use our payment assist service when it comes to the time of paying your bill. When you receive your invoice simply ask contact a member of our support team either via our web chat service or over the phone.

Step 2 – Pay the initial instalment of 25% of your total bill on your debit card. Once your payment plan has been set up you are required to pay just a quarter of your bill to initiate your car parts pay monthly plan.

Step 3 – You’ll then pay the remainder of the bill over 3 months, each payment will be 25% of the whatever is left to pay after the first initial set up payment.

How do I set it up?

Step 1 – Give us a call or contact us via webchat to request to use our fix now pay later service.

Step 2 – We will then complete an application form, and then send you a link via email or text (whichever you prefer) for you to fill in your details.

Step 3 – Get a decision straight away and make your first initial 25% payment. With a 99.9% acceptance rate you needn’t worry if this is a service, you’ll be able to benefit from.

Is a deposit required?

Yes, the first initial payment of 25% acts as your deposit for your repair bill. The remaining 75% is divided into 3 equal payments for the consecutive three months.

Is it interest-free?

Yes, our car parts pay later service is completely interest-free, this means that you can pay for your car parts over the course of 4 months with no additional cost, making payments more manageable.

Does it require a credit check?

No, there is no credit check involved and the plan can be set up remotely. For more information on our buy now pay later car parts to contact a member of our team on 01604 809 867 or alternatively get in touch via webchat.