As an integral part of every car, it is important to keep your exhaust in good condition and full working order, however with cars of all ages on the roads it is inevitable parts will perish over time. Your exhaust system is certainly no exception, as such there is a chance you may find yourself having to replace the exhaust on one of your cars at some point. Whether you’re looking for a cheap exhaust or a system that is a bit complex and performance-driven (pun intended) here’s everything you need to know about exhausts and replacing them.

What do exhausts do?

Although it may vary depending on the size and performance level of the vehicle, generally speaking, the exhaust system is made up of four main components, the exhaust manifold, the catalytic converter and the muffler. Together they function to complete four main objectives: control noise, direct fumes, improve engine performance and fuel consumption.  

What are the signs of a faulty exhaust?

Loss of acceleration and power – This symptom is usually brought on by an exhaust leak, this is because the gas that would normally be recirculated back into the engine will have escaped, hampering performance.

Decreased fuel efficiency – With a dip in performance comes a dip in fuel efficiency as your engine is required to work harder to supply the same level of performance.

Rattling noise – If you hear a noise of this nature coming from underneath your car, you can expect to find a pipe loose or misaligned. Worn mountings are the main culprit for loose pipes, so be sure to avoid potholes and keep them in good nick.

Dragging sound – Now if you hear a dragging noise this is very much a code red situation as it is likely you’ll look underneath your car to find your exhaust hanging off. In this event avoid driving and get your car to the nearest garage asap.

What are the main causes of a faulty exhaust?

Leaky fluids such as coolant, oil and other engine fluids can rapidly accelerate wear and corrosion. So be sure to regularly check the health of your car underneath the hood.

The travel of high-temperature fumes through your engine and out via the exhaust system means that the exhaust manifold has to endure extreme heat. This coupled with the other extreme of low temperatures once your engine is off can cause cracks in the manifold over time.

In addition to all these causes stated above, British weather certainly doesn’t do your exhaust any favours either. The relentless rain and snow that we experience here in the UK can also cause rust and corrosion of your exhaust system. Lastly, as a car is by definition an interconnected, well-oiled machine (or in the opinion of car fanatics a piece of art) it comes as no surprise that one faulty component will impact other parts. With that in mind, it is important to keep all parts in good health, as issues with things such as spark plugs, incorrect timing and air/fuel mixture can lead to problems with your exhaust.

Where can I purchase a new exhaust online?

With there now being a broad range of parts suppliers offering exhausts online from OEM suppliers to aftermarket suppliers, knowing where to pick up your replacement exhaust can be quite the challenge. However, it doesn’t have to be, you can ensure you buy the right exhaust from the right supplier by verifying the details, doing your research and only buying from secure online marketplaces such as online automotive.

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What are the typical repair costs for an exhaust?

It goes without saying that the make and model of the vehicle you drive will impact the cost of replacing your exhaust system. This to due to different cars requiring different procedures for repairs, some of which will involve lengthier repair processes and the use of more costly materials.

However, for smaller cars with simpler mechanisms such as entry-level Kia’s you can expect to pay around £300, whereas more luxurious and bigger cars such as Land Rover’s and BMW’s will see you paying around the £600 mark for a new exhaust. If you’re in the market for a new exhaust system be sure to check out the full range here at online automotive.