You take your car maintenance seriously, which is why you entrust it to very few people other than yourself. Where possible you like to carry out servicing, repairs and maintenance yourself and use only the very best parts.

Here are some distinct advantages of buying car parts online that should sway even the most loyal of garage and dealership customers…

It’s cheaper… A lot cheaper

Main dealerships and retail stores provide excellent customer service… But this is rarely a good enough reason to pay their part price. Retail stores have massive overheads which inevitably need to be recouped in their prices. On the other hand, online parts stores have very few overhead costs and can pass the savings onto you, the customer. That’s why you can end up paying a lot less for the exact same parts.

Discounts and special offers

Not only do low operational costs make online retailers generally cheaper than their physical counterparts, they also tend to offer discounts and special deals that physical stores simply can’t afford to bring you. While a retail store might price match an offer on a single part you see online, they are unlikely to take the hit on their profit margins necessary to offer the same discounts or multi-buy deals.

It’s convenient

We all seem to be busier than ever nowadays. Not only do we have less time to spare, there are so many cars on the road (especially in and around rush hour) that getting anywhere can become an ordeal. Ordering parts online is infinitely more convenient than having to drive to a parts shop or dealership. You can even Click and Collect.

Comparing prices is quick and easy

When you buy a part from a retail store, they’re highly unlikely to give you any wiggle-room on price. You pay what they want to charge, or you go without the part. Shopping online, however, puts you (pun very much intended) in the driver’s seat. You can compare prices between different online retailers in seconds. Worried that a price is too good to be true? It only takes a few seconds more to find out all that you need to know about the company selling the part. Which brings us to…

It’s easy to do your due diligence on retailers

You wouldn’t trust just anyone with your money or your car’s wellbeing. Fortunately, when you shop online you also have all the tools and resources you need to gauge your seller’s reputation. Even if they don’t have a customer testimonials page, it’s easy to see what other customers are saying about them on sites like Google My Business or TrustPilot.

As you can see, shopping for car parts online is not only cheaper – it is quick, easy, secure and transparent.

We recommend that you try for fantastic car part deals, prices and convenient delivery options.