It is no secret that buying and replacing car parts can be quite expensive, especially when purchased directly from manufacturers. Often when there is a problem with your car and something requires fixing it may seem as though you have no choice but to pay the price quoted by the garage, however, this is not always the case as many people are now saving themselves hundreds (and in some cases thousands) by shopping for cheap car parts online.  

With that in mind, we’ve put together 5 helpful tips that will enable you to extract proper product information and evaluate the market effectively to ensure you have the necessary knowledge to buy cheap car parts that are both durable and fit for purpose.

1) Conduct thorough research

This is arguably online shopping 101, with parts being updated on a regular basis, it is essential to extract the necessary information for the specific part you’re looking to purchase. Key things to look out for include, compatibility with your vehicle make and model and verification, ensure the part in question is verified by checking reviews of the product and supplier.

2) Understand the differences in car parts

Car parts often fall under 3 categories. These are used car parts, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket.

Used car parts are pretty self-explanatory and refer to car parts that have been salvaged from scrap vehicles. While these car parts may still be in full working order at the time of purchase, they can pose a risk further down the line as they may hold hidden damage that can progressively get worse.

When looking for cheap car parts online many choose to opt for aftermarket parts, where the car parts are designed and manufactured by another company different to the original manufacturer of your car. In most cases buying aftermarket parts is a much safer option when compared with used car parts and will still allow you to save some money when priced against parts offered by the original manufacturer. Last on the list is OEM and genuine parts, which some may argue are the safest option as these parts are manufactured by trusted brands that are certified.

However, the stamp of approval does come at a cost as you’ll find OEM parts tend to stack up more pricey when compared with the other options listed above. This doesn’t necessarily mean however that you will not be able to find cheap car parts online that are OEM as with the rise of affiliate marketing various brands are continually partnering with suppliers to run promotions and offer products at discounted rates.

3) Purchase from a verified online marketing place

Following the rise of e-commerce stores, there has also been a rise in illegitimate businesses often making it hard to detect credible websites from phony websites. However, there are several tips you can follow to help ensure the cheap car parts you buy online firstly all arrive and secondly arrive in the condition described. To begin, search for trusted brands that people buy from, a great way to check this is to read reviews, look out for other key indicators such as contact details if this is hard to find or absent that’s a clear sign that something might not be right.

Another thing to look out for is websites with secure checkouts as this will show the standards the company works to and how serious they are about safeguarding your money.

4) Look out for offers

When looking to buy parts online it is vital to check for offers and coupons. By applying discounts from coupons and offers you can save yourself hundreds of pounds and ensure the parts you buy truly are cheap car parts.

5) Become an expert

A large part of getting the best deals on your purchases is becoming an expert on the product you’re looking to buy. To do this conduct thorough research, check advice websites, use search terms such as cheap car parts UK to ensure you are buying parts from nearby locations to save on cost.

Lastly what is key to remember is that cutting back on price doesn’t mean you have to also cut back on quality as you’ll from the broad range of quality car parts here at online automotive, many of which at offered at the most competitive prices on the internet.

If you’re in need of car parts for your vehicle then look no further as we have a variety of different parts available online.